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Receiving a Breast Lift is the Right Choice for You

Our team always wants to make sure you receive a breast lift that is specifically tailored to your body. Everyone has a different desired “look” and we want to make sure we produce amazing results for you that match your body type perfectly!

In order to best serve you, we would love to get to know exactly what breast lift services you would like us to complete so stop by our office in Charlotte, NC. We’d love to chat with you! When you come in, you can also talk to us about our other services located on our services page.

How Much Is a Breast Lift in Charlotte, NC?

We provide periareolar, lollipop, and anchor breast lifts! Our premium breast lift service is only $75. This allows us to efficiently resolve the following problems to make sure you always look and feel your best:

Degradation of skin elasticity
Sagging of breasts
Downward pointed nipples
Non-symmetrical breast sizes
Pregnancy-induced stretched breast skin
Undesirable breast proportions

We will help you choose the perfect bra size for you! Let us provide a natural look that you can be completely confident in.

Breast Maintenance: What to Do After a Breast Lift

After you’ve received a self-esteem boost from your breast lift in Charlotte, NC, your body is once again working with the biological clock you had when you were a teenager. This means you need to make sure you take care of your breasts right after using our service.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, visit our spa for a non-invasive and effective breast lift. These sessions last 30 minutes and cost $125 and are performed in a private one-on-one environment. We also utilize top-of-the-line tools and machines when performing your lifts.

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