Post Op Lymphatic Massage Charlotte NC

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Body Toning and Post-Op Massage Treatment

Want even more ways to love your look - without the hassle? Our local spa is the place to be. At only $60 for 30 minutes, you can take advantage of our set of specially designed post-op treatments. These are designed to help you ease into a comfortable recovery after an involved procedure.

Our vibration plate is an excellent option for those who wish to tone their bodies without strenuous exercise. You get the muscle contractions of a full-body workout just by standing on the device. Best of all, it’s only $10 for 10 minutes, so it’s easy to enjoy the fit look you love without spending a lot of money. Schedule an appointment with us today to explore the treatment of your choice.

The Lymphatic System: Knowing Your Body

Your lymphatic system is the combination of the vessels, tissues, and organs that work together within your body. They collectively produce and manage the fluids that help support the function of your immune system that keeps your blood circulating.

Blood circulation is extremely important for your body’s natural healing processes. Your lymph nodes filter out “dirty” lymph in order to allow for waste removal and recirculation of “clean” lymph. This entire process stops the fluid buildup that prevents you from healing properly!

The Importance of Post-Op Massages: Charlotte, NC

A large amount of swelling can occur after you receive cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, this is a normal response your body has as a way of healing itself. The fluid rushes to the affected area to saturate it with the white blood cells that will assist in the overall healing process.

Our specialists provide post op lymphatic massages in Charlotte, NC to move the fluid that’s being built up in that area back to the lymphatic passages that will promote fast healing. If you feel as though these services are necessary to stimulate healthy healing in your body, stop by our office in Charlotte, NC or contact us today! These restorative services can’t wait!

What is a Post Op Lymphatic Massage?

Our lymphatic massages allow you the opportunity to heal quickly after receiving either an invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery. This can come in the form of tummy tucks and liposuction. If you’d like to learn more about the types of services we offer that may need a post-op lymphatic massage, check out our detailed services page!

When you put your body through these non-invasive and invasive treatments, your lymphatic system tends to slow down due to the trauma it recently experienced. We want to help you boost your lymphatic system with the benefits of our massages provided below:

• Relieves stress in support of relaxation
• Faster healing time
• More efficient overall healing process
• Removal of metabolic waste and excess water from your body tissue
• Reduction of fluid retention and unwelcome swelling

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