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What Does Skin Tightening Treat?

There are so many great benefits to getting laser skin tightening in Charlotte, NC given the fast and efficient services we provide all our clients. When you decide to use our skin tightening in Charlotte, NC service, there are numerous different benefits you’ll have the opportunity to experience.

Our skin tightening services will successfully:

Smooth out any cellulite located on your butt and thighs
Contour your unwanted double-chin
Lift any sagging skin located on your stomach or neck area

This semi-invasive surgery will have you looking and feeling better in less than one hour!

Laser Skin Tightening Charlotte NC

Using the radio frequency method, we help your skin to almost magically become taught and smooth again. Schedule a consultation today to see just how beneficial this procedure can be for your situation. You’re more than welcome to come into our business in Charlotte, NC to consult with us about the amazing opportunity skin tightening can provide for you!

Browse the list below to see why skin tightening for your stomach or other parts of the body is right for you! With our treatments you will be able to:

Improve your double-chin contour
Rejuvenate and replenish the sagging skin located in your abdominal region
Rid yourself of undesirable cellulite
Improve the skin laxity on ANY area of your body
Tighten up any wrinkles, lines, or deteriorating skin that display signs of aging

There are so many great benefits from tightening up the sagging skin that has been dragging you down! Other services that can also provide a confidence boost include the Brazilian butt lift , Patient-centric breast lift, and Non-invasive liposuction treatments .

Fast Recovery Time - $125 for 30 Minutes

Your body will bounce back from this treatment in no time! You won’t need to schedule multiple treatments to get amazing results. After your treatment is complete, there is absolutely no downtime before you’re able to get back to your normal activities.

The swelling and redness resulting from your treatment will go away during this time period as well!

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