Laser Stretch Mark Removal

We all have those terrible stretch marks we want to get rid of! They may not even just appear because you’re overweight. Many people naturally have stretch marks due to their genetic code but we’re here to help you rid yourself of these unwanted scars! We also do other similar services such as laser tattoo removals!

Our professional team is able to permanently remove these stretch marks for you by allowing healthy tissue to build itself beneath your stretch mark scars to successfully make them fade away. We utilize advanced technological systems programmed to stimulate elastin and collagen production in your skin as well as other healthy proteins located in the subdermal layer. It’s okay if you want us to complete multiple treatments for you to get rid of any red or pink discoloration that appears on your skin.

The Treatment: Before and After

You will most likely want to participate in three to five different laser stretch mark removal treatments with us in Charlotte, NC. The laser stretch mark removal treatments require the efficient use of thermal and light energy so you must ensure you stay out of the sun before your treatments.

Don’t use tanning beds or self-tanner before your treatments because these could compromise the overall effectiveness. The laser could darken your skin instead of lightening it which is not the desired outcome you want. This same rule applies a few days after your treatment as well!

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Results

Given the fact that this treatment will be completed throughout multiple sessions, it will take some time before you start seeing the results you desire. This means that even if you don’t see what you want after the first session, stick with it!

We guarantee that after several weeks you will see the results you hoped for.

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