V Steam Charlotte NC

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V Steam Spa Charlotte NC

My Body Spa understands the true importance of vaginal health more so than numerous other spas in Charlotte, NC. With our unique Charlotte spa package, you will be able to experience our high-level v steaming treatment. Just search “v steam near me” into your Google search bar and you’ll be able to quickly find your local My Body Spa!

How Much Does V Steam Cost?

This natural remedy will allow you to integrate a regular vaginal cleansing method into your monthly routine. Many women love to perform this cleansing ritual for their uterus in alignment with every moon cycle to keep their periods regular. This also allows them to successfully reduce the painful cramps that are usually associated with menstruation.

Our professional team uses high-quality, herb-infused steam that is safely directed into your vagina to clean your uterus and promote overall vaginal health. Contact us today to set up your next v steaming appointment. We’re excited to meet you soon!

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